Welcome- The journalism program and the college began in fall 1969, with 12 courses listed in the first catalog. The college director of public information taught introduction to mass media and the reporting courses and advised the student newspaper, while local media professionals taught courses in photography, advertising and broadcasting.

History- From the beginning of the college until 1975, the student newspaper, which was a tabloid format and printed erratically in Nebraska, had under gone at least three name changes. They included the “Engima,” “Campus Free Press” and “Crow Creek Gazette,” the latter referring to a dirty creek running occasionally through the southside of town.

Facilities- The original facility was simply a classroom, with a converted closet used as a darkroom and shared with the college’s audiovisual department and the criminal justice program. When the college built its College Community Center, the student newspaper moved into a room adjacent to the theatre (now the Foundation Room); however, the closet darkroom in the other building had to be used. The department also had no typewriters.

Honors- In 1978, the LCCC journalism department was named the outstanding journalism department among two- and four-year colleges and universities in a 15-state area by the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press Association (now “Media” instead of “Press”) Since 1986, the Wingspan staff has received more awards than any other two-year college in the RMCPA region.

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